From independent video projects to branding videos for web and major events, to television series, documentaries and specials.  The experience I provide will bring your project to life without the high cost of expensive production houses or agencies. In 2018 I edited three documentaries. “Moscone a Legacy of Change” for PBS, “As If They Were Angels”, the untold story of a WWII naval disaster and rescue, and “Long Gone Wild”, about the plight of orcas in captivity around the world being used for entertainment at sea parks.

Oracle World -  Opening Video

Oracle World - Opening Video

Oracle World opens the keynote speech every year with a hard-hitting, fast-paced inspirational short video.  Over the past several years I have edited and created the production design of these videos which play as the lead-in to Larry Ellison, CTO and founder.

Running for Jim -  Documentary film

Running for Jim - Documentary film

"Running for Jim" is an independent documentary film produced by FinishLine Features. I was brought in to help with story focus and take on the task of editing this emotional story. The film has won numerous awards in dozens of film festivals around the world.

Peets Coffee -  Brand video

Peets Coffee - Brand video

Peet's Coffee wanted a brand video to set them apart from other coffee roasters. Their customer loyalty and commitment to making great f#@*ing coffee was the prime message.  I directed, edited and even shot some of this video.  

May Peace Prevail -  CBS

May Peace Prevail - CBS

CBS Television wanted a Christmas Eve special with a positive message. Jon Dann Communications was given the project and Jon hired me to do all his editing and program graphics. The program included a live multi-cam shoot as well as field packages shot locally and in Nigeria.  This program aired in over 200 markets in the U.S.